One German Emigrant

Author : Peggy Dale Chapman
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      Early German emigration sprang from Martin Luther’s Reformation. One German Emigrant tells the true story of Pietist German emigration for the first time. The Reformation embodies the practice and principles of Pietism. The movement was led by Philipp Jakob Spenner. Pietism stresses a personal relationship with God and Bible study, instead of the forms and dogma of religion. It can be argued that America was founded as a result of the Reformation. Chief among the emigrants were common Pietist Deutsch citizens who recognized God as supreme authority over the New Land. They were caught up in the exodus to flee feudal Germany. These people passed their Pietist beliefs down through the generations to reach this present time. 

      One German Emigrant is the story of the German slave trade set in 1733 and based on first person historical accounts found in rare books and journals. Early German emigration was a part of the transatlantic slave trade. The story follows one Pietist youth through feudal Germany in his attempt to find a better life. He arrives in Pennsylvania to discover that he is to be sold in the slave trade. He works clearing land to redeem himself, establish a new life in a new world, and take part in the first southwestward movement to finally settle on the south fork of the Catawba River in western North Carolina. 

      Descendants of German immigrants account for the largest number of citizens in America for the past three hundred years. Every state has a large population of German Americans, and their forefathers’ contribution to building America has heretofore been largely ignored. Those who have often longed to know what their ancestors went through are now able to travel along with one German emigrant and feel what the journey was like. 

      Descendants of English, Lowland Scots, African, and Native Americans who are interested in their heritage and the contributions of their forefathers in building a great nation may also find the book interesting. One German Emigrant is based on a well documented seven year research involving reliable first-person accounts, rare books and journals. It captures the true spirit of the German and Irish slave trade.
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